Giving Feedback to Your Chiropractor

Giving Feedback to Your Chiropractor

Everyone enjoys hearing that they’re doing a job well. However, feedback is crucially important between a patient and their healthcare team, even if that feedback is less than stellar. A good chiropractor will always welcome your respectful, candid feedback so that they can provide you with the best care possible.


Types of Feedback

Feedback concerning healthcare should center around your care journey and experiences. For example, it is essential to let your chiropractor know how you’re faring at each visit. Be honest and upfront instead of telling your chiropractor only what you think they want to hear. Inform them if your pain is improving or worsening, if you find your daily activities less or more difficult, or if you’ve encountered a new problem.

Also, tell your chiropractor how you feel about the actual treatments. Don’t be afraid to let them know if a treatment is uncomfortable or if you would prefer a gentler approach. Chiropractor therapies are non-invasive and tend to be gentle, but only you truly know your pain tolerance. Plus, pain is subjective, so speak up if you are uncomfortable. Your chiropractor will likely have milder treatments available.


Realistic Expectations

While you should certainly inform your chiropractor if you feel that you’re not making progress with your treatments, you should also have realistic expectations. Chronic pain is unlikely to disappear totally with a single treatment session. In fact, it can take dozens of visits to make progress on severe issues. Also, remember that chiropractic therapy is as much about maintaining good health as it is about addressing problems.

Ask questions of your chiropractor if you have concerns about your progress. They should have the experience to give you an estimation of when you’re likely to start seeing results.


Communicating Your Daily Routine

You should also keep your chiropractor up-to-date on your general daily routine. Have you gotten a new job that involves physical work? Do you spend long hours seated in front of a computer? Have you taken up a new sport or hobby? These facts may very well have a bearing on your body mechanics and health.

Of course, you also need to inform your chiropractor right away if there is any change in your medical history. Such changes include new or discontinued medications, surgery, health issues, and more. Your chiropractor is an integral part of your healthcare team, and they need to know your health status to make the best decisions.

Remember, your chiropractor is not here to judge you. Help them to help you by sharing feedback and information on your health and treatment course.

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